Included in Tuition

Enrichment-west-oaks-privateWe believe enrichment activities that are aimed at opening your child’s artistic, physical and creative awareness and talents are very important to round out your child’s development.

Spanish, Music and Art: We teach Spanish classes and emphasize the importance of being bilingual. Our Music program focuses on learning notes, songs (including patriotic standards) piano and guitar.

Physical Education & Gymnastics: Physical development is also an important part of our program. We have a 2-acre playground and a gymnasium where students participate in a variety of team and individual sports and activities. From basketball to dodge ball to field hockey.

Special Events and Field Trips: We plan events, programs and field trips to enhance the students’ learning experience. This may include field trips to museums, plays or other performances. We also have various school days where our children learn about different occupations through our parents and guest speakers. We plan a snow day and events around different holidays like Valentine’s Day and Halloween for those who celebrate such holidays.

After School Program: Our after school program provides a child with the opportunity to do homework at our homework table, play outside and participate in a variety of enrichment activities after a busy day at school. Our teachers offer encouragement to those with homework and are available to discuss the work with each student. We divide the children into groups by age and they rotate through various stations that change on a daily basis. They create through various art and cooking projects; they express through music, karaoke and dance and they expend energy on our playground time during team games and relays. An afternoon snack is provided.