Developmental Goals

All the classes at Grandma’s House use curriculum centered around Learning & Development.

Nursery Curriculumdevelopmental-goals-west-oaks-private
Our Nursery classes are all about learning and skill development. Our teachers devise age/skill appropriate activities and experiences based on developmental checklists and our center wide weekly theme. Sensory and motor skill experiences play a large role in learning in this age group. Through play we encourage skill development and independence in eating and walking as we guide your infant to their toddler years.

Toddler Curriculum
Our Toddler Classes use a center based approach to learning. Teachers use our Pinnacle curriculum, developmental checklists and age level training to devise activities and additions to learning centers within our center wide weekly thematic topic. They focus on fine and gross motor skills development including self sufficiency in feeding. Circle time for basic skills and stories is included for this age group as well. Outdoor play time, organized relays and games allow for physical development.Toddler classes also focus on potty training for each child. Teachers and parents work together to make the potty training experience easier for children.

Pre-School Curriculum
Our Pre-School classes follow the Pinnacle curriculum and a learning centers based approach to learning. Teachers use developmental checklists and age level training to develop age appropriate activities and experiences within the weekly center wide thematic topic. Skill level and circle time increases to allow for challenging learning in order to develop a strong base for the Pre-K class. Each child has a portfolio which may be viewed at parent-teacher conferences scheduled for December and May.

LearnThroughPlay-west-oaks-privatePre-Kindergarten Curriculum
Our Pre-K class follows the Pinnacle curriculum and a learning centers based approach to learning. Teachers use developmental checklists, Kindergarten math and phonics exercises and the latest learning tools enveloped in a weekly thematic topic. Cognitive and motor skills are practiced and enhanced in order to prepare your child for Kindergarten.




Fees for the School Year
Our Pre-Kindergarten and Bridge classes have a Registration Fee of $100 due at time of enrollment and an annual Supply Fee of $100 due by August 1st.

Tuition and Attendance Policy
Pre-K and Bridge class (includes extended care) is $700 per month if paid monthly, in advance, by the 5th of each month. Otherwise, tuition is $160 per week paid by Tuesday of each week.

There are no absentee credits for our Pre-Kindergarten and Bridge classes. Tuition is due in full weekly regardless of absentee due to illness, vacation, holidays or other reasons.

Children attending our Pre-Kindergarten and Bridge classes wear a basic uniform consisting of Khaki bottoms (pants, shorts, or skirts) and Hunter Green tops.

We’d love to speak with you further about the programs offered at Grandma’s House! Please do not hesitate to give us a call, 281-496-3105, or fill out the contact form!

We will be providing Pre-School and Pre-K classrooms in partnership with Alief ISD starting later during the 2017-2018 school year. The implementation date has been delayed so please contact us for additional information. If you qualify for Public Pre-K and have a 3 or 4 year old, please call us for more information on how your children can attend at Grandma’s House.